AGvocacy Week

As FFA members and agriculturalists, the 2014-2015 state FFA officers were frustrated with a lack of knowledge in society about agriculture and food products.  An idea was hatched to start a campaign dedicated to advocating for agriculture that FFA members from across Wyoming organize and run.  And so the Wyoming Agriculture Advocacy Week was born.

The 4th annual “AGvocacy” week will be held in January 2018.  The week will focus on encouraging FFA members to help bridge the knowledge gap between production agriculture and consumers as well as feeding a growing population.  We hope members will engage their local communities in discussion about where their food comes from and how agriculture contributes to Wyoming’s economy and culture.  We want our members to grow up to be Agvocates and be a representative for industry that binds us all together.

The State Officers envision a week where everyone interested in or benefiting from food and fiber production is talking about agriculture.

Look for more information in December about events, contests and materials to help you be an AGvocate for our industry!